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Bonus time. Silliness ensues.

January 26th, 2007 at 06:30 am

Well I got my 13th month bonus this week. That means two months pay at once! Smile

Except for next month's spending, I've moved it all to my savings account.

The side effect of the bonuses is that my colleagues keep asking each other how they're going to spend it. And I got the distinct feeling that if I were to say that I wasn't going to spend it on anything, they'll look at me like I'm some kind of a weirdo.

It was the same thing late last year when we all got our company and performance bonuses.

Once I even won this small cash award of less than $100 at my office (they had a contest for naming our next event and my suggestion was picked), two girls emailed me immediately after the announcement, asking what I'm going to spend it on. And when I said I didn't know/it wasn't that much, they kept giving me suggestions. Goodness!

Anyway, I can't help but feel a bit disgusted by how some people think.

Just because you get a windfall of some kind, the first thing you ask yourself is 'how do I get rid of it?'

Now I can imagine that if you have a real need/want that exists, it makes sense to spend it on that.

But... not having anything you need/want to spend on, and *brainstorming* for ideas on how to blow all that cash?

Its just so silly.

5 Responses to “Bonus time. Silliness ensues.”

  1. Ima saver Says:

    I understand how you feel. I used to work as a waitress. I held the mortgage on a piece of property. Out of the blue, they paid me off. I went to work and told everyone that I had just gotten a check for $34,000. They all wanted to know what I was going to spend it on. They were shocked when I told them I was going to save most of it. (I had heat and a/c put in my house with a few thousand of it.)

  2. pjmama Says:

    This is true. Most of us DO think that way. I guess if we get something extra, we feel it should be spent on a luxury. I think it comes from our cultural upbringing... we're consumers, afterall.

  3. nance Says:

    I was just thinking about how great this site is, this morning. When you tell family or friends about your plans for saving, being frugal, etc., they look at you like you have two heads! I have stopped talking to them about my goals, frugal finds, etc., but I can share them here, and know that I am "talking" to like-minded people. It is wonderful that there is a range of people, here, who are from teens to sixties, and they can all connect, because they have a common interrest, and a common goal.

    This morning, I heard that parents have increased spending on kids over 500% on the current generation of kids over the last, and "Affluenza" is taking over our society. Becasue of the rampant spending and indebetedness, there is a big increase in depression, character disordered children, and mental illness. Scary!

    At least we are trying to get it right.

  4. reginaastralis Says:

    I have to admit, b/c of being a single mom and the amount of money I bring home yearly, I bring in a pretty sweet tax return. Now, it's not what I'm going to spend it on ... but yes, I do have some "extravagant" ideas as to where this money is going. Like a big portion will be my deposit for my apartment and getting my lights turned on. Another big portion will go into my savings account *good morning ef!* A bit of it, will be spent on myself and my daughter, a mattress for my bedroom, a few kitchen appls., and a new carseat since the old one pinches my daughter's head and makes her cry.

    My boss on the other hand is already planning on how to spend our "extra" paycheck that we get in MAY. She's throwing her husband a "HUGE" birthday party ... I asked her about savings, since she's trying to get pregnant and she looked at me like I had grown a set of horns. Did I?

  5. living_in_oz Says:

    My husband's company gave each employee their ESOP(kinda like profit sharing investments) money about 12 years back. Basicially this money is an IRA and if not rolled back over into an IRA, then you are penalized...to the tune of about a 50% loss. Only one other family besides us actually rolled the whole amount over into an IRA. The rest cashed out the money(had to pay 50% back to the government) and bought things like new cars and trucks and went on vacations. The whole company thought DH was crazy for not spending the money. Now, practically every guy has told him one time or another how smart he was to keep it because none of them have anything to show for it now and we have a nice retirement awaiting upSmile

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