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A very steamy afternoon

November 14th, 2007 at 04:17 am

So I spent part of this afternoon steaming all of my wrinkly work clothes in preparation for starting my new job next week (oh what did you think I meant with that title? heh.)

There's something awfully therapeutic and satisfying about seeing those wrinkles being steamed away. Of course, using my good old garment steamer also meant sweating at least half a cup of water! Still, this is so much better than ironing - which I hate more than I can say.

Money-wise, its been two straight no-spend days for me since I made my own brunches and dinners. This is also my penance for ordering in pizza* two nights in a row last week.

*it wasn't even particularly good pizza either! I don't know why I do that to myself. oh well...

3 Responses to “A very steamy afternoon”

  1. littlemama Says:

    So you really like your steamer? I was thinking of getting one. I despise (sp.) ironing also. What brand do you have?

    Congratulations on your new job!

  2. fern Says:

    OK, ditto. I HATE ironing, which i feel compelled to do every work day cus i also hate looking wrinkled, even while working at a business casual office.

    in your opinion, is the steam cleaning quicker or easier than ironing, and also wondering if it uses more electricty than an iron. guess that's anyone's guess.

  3. Sindel Says:

    Hi littlemama, the model I have is a "Princess" vertical steamer. There's an extendable pole attached to the unit to hold the hose and a clothes hanger. Its also on rollers so its easy to move from room to room. I've used it to steam-clean my curtains and bedlinen. There are some smaller portable units but I read that those might make your arm tired so I opted for the larger type with a hose.

    Hi fern, I would say that steam cleaning is much less of a pain for me so the time doesn't *feel* as long as when I'm ironing, but if I were to ignore my feelings ironing should generally be faster.

    Time-wise using a steamer really varies depending on the type of material. For eg I get Very, Very Fast and Excellent results steaming my silk and satiny-type items, but it takes 3x longer to get an acceptable quality for heavy linens and thicker cottons. (I also found that its not possible to get that crisp, starched look for collared shirts with a steamer so if you have a lot of men's shirts and high standards of how it should look then a steamer might be quite disappointing.)

    I found that steaming is also a lot easier for clothes that have hard to iron designs like puffy sleeves, pleats, elastic edges etc. etc. because the steam goes into the nooks and crannies on its own. There's also no chance of damaging material with steaming. If I oversteam, it just gets a bit damp Smile
    About how easy it is to use, I have no trouble using mine even without reading the manual. Its quite dummy-proof, just turn it on and start steaming.


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